SC Winterthur


Swimming Club Winterthur is an open club for those who love water. The club has several specialized divisions: swimming, water polo and swimming sports school.

There are many people in the club: children, adolescents, adults, coaches, swim ladders, parents and club management, as well as all other persons somehow related to the club. The role model depicts our future-oriented ideal of swimming clubs. Therein are described the desired vision and behavioral principles. That is what our activities are aimed at.

Atmosphere at the training

All participants in the club are open and considerate to each other - we stand to the common rules. We raise the awareness of children and youth, promote responsibility for their health, working on their physical and mental health, taking care of the entrusted stuff and respecting other people's property. In our club we cultivate and promote the atmosphere of overall vitality and motivation.


We develop trainings that mostly correspond to personal abilities and talents of children. We provide a pleasant and concentrated training atmosphere and therefor ensure success of training. There is no place for doping, smoking and alcohol in our club. We accept the Mira-Kodex. We recognize the diversity of children and work with them in small groups. We give all children a sense of achievement to build their self-confidence.

Teamwork and professionalism

We are the team which continues developing the quality of the swimming club by mutual assistance and cooperation. We support each other through our experiences and skills. We regularly check on our professionalism. We always develop our knowledge.

Management and Organization

Swimming club management is marked by its cooperative style, transparent communication and constructive cooperation. People with managerial responsibilities set an example for others and look authentic. They handle the entrusted work in a cooperative, solution-oriented and objective way. As a result frankness, honesty and reliability form the basis for mutual trust development. We place great importance on clear, simple and transparent structures and processes. All employees take part in building constructive dialogue for improving the organization. Personal responsibility, commitment and a well-organized flow of information are of high importance to us.

Foreign relations

Our swimming club interacts with other people in a welcoming, friendly and professional manner. We act in order to maintain a dialogue and ensure transparent information. Our club closely works and gets supported by "Jugend+Sport" organization. We are also involved with "VERSA-Codex" and participate in the Swiss Olympic prevention campaign "Cool&Clean".