CN Monthey



It is:-

C as a club, created in 1941 by a group of friends who were passionate and eager to share their favourite sport: Swimming

Since then club has grown, and now it has more than 300 members divided into 5 sections:

- National Swimming school

- Synchronised Swimming

- swimming

- Water Polo

- Water aerobics (one hop)

E as in school of life for young people, to help them develop their motor skills, be assertive, to socialize and experiment.

N as in national swimming, a sport that keeps people moving.

A as in atmosphere, a dynamic club led by technical managers, motivated and trained coaches J & S.

M for motivation and training, which are the key words of our organisation.

O as in originality by the diversity of its different water sports.

With these few words, I think I have pretty much defined our club. For more details, please visit our "Manager Rating" pages where you will find more information.