WK Thun


Our history

Water polo club Thun was established in 1970 and named “Water polo team Thun”. At the beginning it was just a swimming club, but later an independent division "Water Polo" was created. In September 2000 water polo division founded their own club “Water polo club Thun” (WKT) and separated from the Swimming Club Thun on January 1, 2001. Men’s team, women's team and U20 women's team, as well as two U13 teams currently participate in championships.

In 1978 the junior team of WK Thun was launched and that created an important foundation for the subsequent years. New young talents will be integrating into the first team little by little.

1984 was the most successful year in the history of water polo club Thun. Our junior team has become a Swiss champion and the 1st team rose to the National League B (NLB) without point loss.

After three NLB seasons the 1st team has clearly strengthened its position and rose to the NLA. In 1987 Thun water polo players managed to rise to the highest Swiss league.

Since 1988 Thun women's team participate in championships.

In 2013 water polo club Thun was represented by three teams: the men's team, which now plays in the 2. Liga, the women's team, which is represented in the National League and the junior team (U15).

In 2015 women team becomes a cup winner! Young generation has developed outstandingly.