WSV Basel


From oral traditions of our oldest members we know that once 10 men met in the bowling alley at the Rheingasse and founded the water club Basel. The original protocol doesn`t exist.

The monthly fee was 50 cents. To buy a weidling an extra charge of 2 CHF was taken. At that time a weidling cost was 100 Fr.

Nowadays our club has emerged to its modern state with three divisions: the canoeists, water polo players and swimmers. The membership fee has also been adjusted to the up-to-date prices because of the inflation.

The clubhouse is located on St.Johanns-Rheinweg 67, which is exactly on the Rhine and between the Johanniterbrücke bridge and the Mittlerenbrücke bridge in Basel. It has a bar and a modern kitchen. Clubhouse can accommodate about 40 people inside or 60 people in front of the clubhouse (covered by a tent).